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Second life: Dolman T sized Medium, cyanotype printed mood and maidenhair fern, toned in black tea. 22" wide, 21" long, 55% linen 45% rayon, non-stretch item. Slight thread pulling at seam under R arm cuff. Variations in white color due to tea toning on various parts of shirt. 

Maidenhair Moon T

SKU: 126351351935
  • These handmade items need special love & care. Cyanotype prints are archival and permanent, though certain soaps may cause the print to fade. With handmade and printed items, handwashing will preserve the life of the print to its fullest as well as washing the garment inside out and do not use any soap or detergent containing phosphates, bleach, or sodium. Air dry or tumble on low heat. Direct sunlight will cause fading of the UV sensitive prints, so keep this in mind if line-drying. A dilute spray of a teaspoon hydrogen peroxide to a half cup of water will make the print more vibrant if it fades over time.

    This being said, I haven’t personally found a soap that causes fading, but I use an eco-friendly laundry ball and natural detergents. If your print fades from a washing or even disappears, I am happy to re-print the garment if less than 30 days from purchase, email karacrispnd@com

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