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 My name is Kara Crisp and I am an experienced psilocybin facilitator, with training in Naturopathic Medicine, gender-affirming care, trauma-informed care, and mental health counseling. I have volunteered for the Returning Veterans Project, and have additional training working with this population.

 I have experience and training working with people living with chronic disease, including Lyme and co-infections, mycotoxin and mold Illness, autoimmune disease, cancer, and chronic digestive disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease. I understand the physical and mental health sequelae that travel along side these conditions.

I have been working with psilocybin for 25 years and sit with this (fungal) plant medicine with gratitude, reverence and awe. 

I firmly believe that YOU ARE NOT YOUR DIAGNOSIS. 


 Let's connect.


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